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Tree Pruning Guide And Tips

To keep your home looking organized and beautiful, you will need to have your trees occasionally trimmed and pruned. Trimming a tree adds its aesthetic appeal and makes it more resistant to harm causing diseases and insects. Overgrown branches and dead limbs can pose a danger to people close to you and cause damage to your property if they fall.

Most homeowners, however, may be unaware of the costs involved in tree trimming. The prices can be different depending on a variety of factors. The average cost of trimming a tree ranges from $75 to $1000.

Some of the factors that can influence the cost of the local tree trimming service include;

Size of the tree

It goes without saying that a larger tree will cost more than a small one. Larger tree means that it has bigger branches to handle not mentioning the height which is a huge factor when estimating the costs. Such trees require special types of equipment to be able to trim all the way to the top.

Most professionals use the height of the tree to determine the cost of trimming. They usually have a fixed fee per foot or charge a fee for a particular height. The average cost of trimming a tree of 30 feet and below can range from $75 to $450. Examples of such trees include dogwood, Russian olive, etc.

Trees with a height of 30-60 feet averagely cost from $150-$875 to trim. If your trees are 60 feet and taller, the cost of trimming can range from $200-$1000. An example of such a tree is the red oak, and you will need an expert to handle such because they are quite difficult to cut.

Potential hazards and obstacles

Some trees can be near power lines or other danger zones. Such obstacles can increase the average cost of trimming the tree since the process becomes more involving and time-consuming. Others can be in areas that are hard to reach either due to a bad terrain.

With additional obstacles, a service provider will charge you extra an cost to cover for the time involved. You may end up adding extra $200-$400 on top of the standard charge.

Number of trees to be trimmed

It’s important to mention the exact number of trees to be trimmed to the service provider when negotiating the cost of trimming. The number of trees naturally affects the overall service charge. It’s important to note that, most companies give their quotes per tree, so; the number matters a lot. You might be able to ask for a discount depending on your bargain power if your trees are many.

The state of the tree

Some trees may have undergone some traumatic experience such as a hurricane attack making them unstable. Such trees need special handling to avoid causing more damage, and this may cost you more.

The additional cost would be worth since the tree is considered delicate and you would not want to lose the tree if it survived the disaster. The service provider, after examining the tree, they will give you a price estimate to include extra time needed to take care of the tree.

Damages and diseases

Trees get infected with diseases and get illnesses that can affect their overall health leaving them weak to handle when trimming. Such diseases include;

Moist cracks– it mostly attacks the tree trunk. The damage may need proper assessment to determine if the tree may be at risk of falling.

Fungi and mushrooms– if affected by fungi, the tree might be unstable and weak.

Abiotic Damage– strong winds hail or dry spells leave a tree damaged with dried leaves or weak limbs. Such trees need extra care and maintenance to avoid the risk of getting attacked by parasites leading to severe damages.

Other damages can be caused by pests such the emerald ash borer, mites, or ants, which dig into the tree leaving it weak and damaged.

Such trees, when trimming them, they will cost you more since they cannot be handled the same way as a healthy sturdy tree. A trimmer will examine the damages and give a quotation that covers the cost of taking care of such a tree.


Most service providers have trucks that allow them to reach to the top of most trees regardless of the height. Some surroundings may lack enough space for the trucks which may force tree trimmer to climb up the tree to work on it. The cost will go up with a margin of almost $400 if your area is inaccessible by the trucks and a climber has to trim.

Distance to the location of the tree

A service provider will charge for the distance they will travel to get to the location of the tree especially if it’s far. You can avoid the extra cost or reduce it by hiring a tree trimmer near you or ask around for a local company to do the trimming for you.

The cost of trimming will depend on various factors, the most significant being size of the tree and the number of trees. Remember that the well being of a tree is important and so, the additional costs of handling a damaged tree are necessary. Allowing your tree trimmer to take time and assess the tree is essential. It will help determine if the tree is infected and if it is worth to keep it or cut it down.


tree pruning guide

It’s important to note; the costs can vary depending on the issues discussed earlier, and also with the region. However, the table above will give you an estimate that will help you pre-plan and have basic figures for price estimates.

Ways to Reduce the Costs Of Tree Trimming

Some of the costs involved in tree trimming services can be reduced with constant maintenance. There are several ways in which you can ensure the overall cost of trimming a tree remains on the lower end.

You can cut down the costs through these useful tips;

Alert the utility company about the hanging branches near power lines. The company will take care of the trimming for free, and they have staff trained to handle electrical lines better than the tree trimming companies.

You can take care of your trees by doing an annual tree trimming that will ensure that problems such as diseases are taken care of early before they cause extensive damage. Constant trimming will keep random growth in check, and the cost of trimming will also be lower.

If you notice dead limbs, call someone to come and take care of them immediately to prevent further damage to the tree. A quick action will save you the overall cost of trimming a tree that has gotten worse over an extended period.

Proper care – make sure that your trees are well taken care of with constant watering to ensure that they are healthy and robust. Proper care also makes them less susceptible to diseases.

While hiring, you will need to ask some questions that will enable you to gauge the capabilities of the person you are about to hire. You need t protect your interests and get your money’s worth at the end of the day.


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