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Remington RM1025SPS Review

Remington RM1025SPS Ranger Electric Chain Pole Saw


4.6 Overall
Ease of Use
Value for the Money
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Product details
  • Comes with a safety locking trigger
  • Comes with stand 24-month warranty
  • Equipped with firm and secure grip
  • Changing from pole to chainsaw doesn’t require use of any tools



Like its newer brother, it uses the pinnacle of cutting-edge technology to provide you with the absolute best service. It comes with a high-performance 8-amp motor that reliably supplies it with plenty of power for effortlessly and quickly handling light-duty to heavy-duty pruning projects. Any branch or limb less than 9-inches in thickness doesn’t present much of a challenge to the formidable power of the pruner. The key to efficiently, effortlessly and quickly pruning branches and limbs is to let the weight of the unit and gravity do the heavy lifting. Additionally, the unit gives you an impressive reach of up to 15-feet from the ground and without having to use any risky ladders.


Using the tree pruner is easy as it comes with easy to use flip and lock clamps for either adjusting or collapsing the pole to a desirable length, which has a maximum reach of 15 feet. Lastly, there is an ergonomically designed non-slip grip that increases controllability and manoeuvrability while minimizing slippage and accidents while working. Together, all these features make the Remington RM1025P valuable choice for any professional, DIY, and even homeowners.

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